BYC attends USIP-Bangsamoro Peace Conference

COTABATO CITY—Chairperson Marjanie Mimbantas Macasalong of the Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC) attended the United States Institute of Peace (USIP)-Bangsamoro Peace Conference today, June 14, in Cotabato City.

The conference was aimed at discussing the progress of peace efforts in the Bangsamoro and identifying the ways in which the USIP may be able to support peacebuilding in Mindanao.

The youth have to face endless challenges, according to Chairperson Macasalong, because of several long-standing history of armed conflict in the Bangsamoro.

“As we work towards peace in the region, we must recognize the specific issues and injustices experienced by our communities,” Chairperson Macasalong said.

“Throughout these efforts, the youth must be seen as partners in peacebuilding,” Chairperson Macasalong highlighted.

The United States Institute of Peace is an American federal institution tasked with promoting conflict resolution and prevention worldwide. It provides research, analysis, and training to individuals in diplomacy, mediation, and other peace-building measures.

The USIP delegation included Dr. Kathleen Kuehnast, USIP director, Gender Policy and Strategy; Dr. Carl Stauffer, USIP senior expert- Reconciliation; Mr. Jason Tower, USIP Myanmar country director; Ms. Gabriela Sagun, USIP program specialist, Myanmar and Southeast Asia; and Mr. Brian Harding, USIP senior expert-Southeast Asia.

Dr. Haroro Ingram, coordinator of the Strategic Communications and Capacity Building, and Ms. Yumiko Kaneko, program officer of the United Nations Development Programme were also present in the conference.

Other BARMM offices also presented their mandates and functions include Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority, Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education, Ministry of Public Order and Safety, Bangsamoro Information Office, Bangsamoro Attorney General Office, and the Institute of Peace and Development in Mindanao – Mindanao State University. (BYC PR Unit)


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