BYC Tawi-Tawi holds VTT to youth orgs

COTABATO CITY (Sept. 20,2022) – The Bangsamoro Youth Commission Tawi-Tawi conducted Values Transformation Training to various youth organizations on Friday, September 16 at Beachside Inn and Restaurant, Sowangkagang, Pasiagan, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

The training aims the youth to realize further the significance of embodying Islamic Values in the context of Moral Governance through understanding its fundamental concepts.

BYC Commissioner Pratima, in her remarks, highlighted the importance of the youth sector in promulgating Islamic values to various community efforts.

BYC’s Youth Development Officer Saudimar Lipae discussed about the general meaning of values and its significance to humanity specifically to the youth. He also shed light on the concept of Islamization and Moral Governance.

The activity was attended by various accredited youth organizations of BYC including  MSU-TCTO Honors Program (HP), Simunul Youth Guild, Tau Spartan Leadcom, Alegado Foundation, and Youth Ambassador, Panglima Annao Youth Organization (PAYO), Student Action Force ( SAF), Bangsamoto Scholarship Association ( BSC), and Pagkaayunan Youth Association ( PYA). (BYC PR Unit/AAA)


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