BYC advances youth development with launch of Tracking and Monitoring System

COTABATO CITY (Feb. 28, 2024) — The Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC) marked a significant leap forward in advancing regional youth development with the official launch of its Tracking and Monitoring System on February 27, 2023 at Alnor Convention Hall in Cotabato City.

This initiative addresses challenges arising from the absence of a centralized digital platform for monitoring and evaluating (M&E) the impact of youth-centric initiatives. The BYC responded by developing a web-based M&E system, serving as a centralized repository for crucial information regarding Programs, Projects, and Activities (PPAs).

The primary goal of this system is to empower the BYC and relevant ministries, offices, and agencies by consolidating project details, timelines, and performance metrics within a secure and user-friendly platform. This centralized approach enables stakeholders to track progress, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions.

BYC Chairperson Marjanie Mimbantas Macasalong highlighted the transformative impact of the system in gearing towards the holistic empowerment of Bangsamoro youth.

“With the Tracking and Monitoring System, we can streamline processes, improve transparency, and enhance accountability in our initiatives for the youth. The system will empower us to make well-informed decisions on resource allocation, program evaluation, and policy formulation to uplift the lives of the Bangsamoro youth,” he said.

The project outlines specific goals, including the creation of a secure web-based platform, comprehensive database development, user training, and ongoing support and maintenance, providing necessary tools for effective monitoring of youth-related programs and projects.

The M&E system is set to revolutionize the monitoring and evaluation process, offering functionalities such as project management, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, real-time monitoring and reporting, and analysis capabilities. This promises to streamline operations, enhance transparency, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

The introduction of the BYC Web-based M&E System marks a critical milestone in advancing youth development within the Bangsamoro region. By embracing digital innovation and leveraging technology for improved monitoring and evaluation practices, the BYC reaffirms its commitment to fostering the holistic growth and empowerment of Bangsamoro youth. (BYC PR Unit/AAA)