Community teachers for BYC’s youth empowerment project complete specialized training

To ensure quality education for the youth, the Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC), in partnership with the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE), trained community teachers who will facilitate the Alternative Learning System (ALS) component of BYC’s project, “Youth Empowerment in the SPMS Box.”

The specialized training, held from June 24-27 at the Mall of Alnor in Cotabato City, aimed to enhance the teachers’ pedagogical skills to ensure the effective delivery of ALS for out-of-school youth, who are the project’s beneficiaries.

The training program included comprehensive sessions on advanced teaching strategies, lesson planning, classroom management, and learning assessment, among other topics.

Experts from MBHTE’s Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) served as facilitators and resource persons for the training.

ALS is a learning system designed to provide a practical option for those who do not have or cannot access formal education in schools.

In addition to training teachers, BYC previously organized a training session in mid-May for community youth facilitators who will assist with the project’s overall implementation.

Funded under BYC’s Special Development Fund (SDF), the project aims to empower 180 out-of-school youth from eight municipalities within the SPMS Box area by providing them with an ALS program, various capacity development training sessions, and by forming them into youth organizations.

The SPMS Box refers to a rectangular area comprising adjacent municipalities in Maguindanao del Sur province, known as the stronghold of lawless elements. These municipalities belong to the poorest areas in the province and are heavily affected by armed conflicts that disrupt development. (BYC PR Unit/KAA)