The BYC Strategic Direction

Our Vision

By 2022, we, as a Commission, guided by Islamic values, ideals of volunteerism and believing the youth sector that is inclusive, responsive, empowered, globally competitive, accountable, and progressive as they engage in  nation building, peace building and development work,  envisions to share to  the Bangsamoro Government’s vision and aspiration of a Bangsamoro who is united, enlightened, self-governing, peaceful, just, upright, and progressive, and a Bangsamoro Government that has genuine and meaningful autonomy, guided by moral governance.

Our Mission

We, as a Commission, commit to:

Harness the Bangsamoro resources for the capacity building, peace and development sustainability, promote human values, rights, economic upliftment and quality life of the youth sector and communities where it belongs.

Our Values

The Commission is guided its action through LEADS:

Loyalty and Honesty



Discipline and moral values


Our Goals/Strategic Objectives

1. Participate in BARMM governance and normalization process

2. Formulate policies affecting the youth sector.

3. Conduct Educational Campaign among the ranks of the youth sector and communities

4. Organize, consolidate and forge partnership between and among the youth organizations

5. Launch Issue-based campaign such as drug proliferation, ethnic and race discrimination and other social concerns

6. Facilitate Youth Development Program -Continuing Human Resource Development

BYC 6 Imperatives/Programs

1. Transformative Education (Spiritual Enlightenment, Culture of Peace, Values Formation, Conflict Mediation & resolution, marital counselling, environment awareness, responsible citizenship and democratization and Among Others)

2. Youth Mobilization & Consolidation (formation and expansion of organizations

3. Issue-based Advocacy (policy lobbying, interfaith/cultural/mutisectoral dialogues and partnership with Institutions on structural problems, human rights/rule of law, environment, and among others)

4. Youth Leadership & Development (Knowledge Enhancement and Skills Upgrading, Linkaging and Networking)

5. Community Development Facilitation (Outreach program, Lobbying for Economic Programs and Projects, and Referral)

6. Organizational and Capacity Development (Team Building sessions, forge partnership, Policies and Systems Installation and Big Brother-small brother partnership, Consultative/Coordinative Sessions, Establishing Line of communication/feedback/sustainability mechanism)